Prajapatya Marriage

The joint performance of sacred duties by man and a woman is known as Prajapatya marriage. According to Swami Dayanand Saraswati, the founder of Arya Samaj, the father gives his daughter to the bridegroom, by addressing the couple with the mantras, “May both of you perform together your dharma.” This kind of marriage is similar to Brahma vivah, which may be the origin of Prajapatya vivah.

Unlike the Brahma Marriage in Prajapatya Marriage, the bride`s father goes in search for a groom for his daughter. Also in prajapatya there is no trading and kanyadana is a part of it as in the brahma ceremony. But that the bride`s menarche is to be started soon and she is ready to conceive a child soon hence a child must be begotten soon after the marriage.

In a holy yajna, learned person and parents do marriage and advice both (boy and the girl) to continue their family life religiously. In this marriage all the married learned persons give blessings to newly married couple.

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