In a wedding, bride and groom are the holders of maximum attention. There is not even a single person in the guests list who doesn’t look at them. Thus, it is very necessary for both of them to look their very best, on the D-day. In comparison to the bride, a groom has lesser options for adorning himself. However, he  [ Read More ]

Your wedding is just around the corner and, just like any other bride, you want to look your best on the D-day, mainly because it is the most important occasion of your life. Another reason you cannot afford to goof-up on the day is that all the eyes (of the guests) will be on your only. Apart from your dress,  [ Read More ]

One of the most important pre-wedding ceremonies in Indian marriages is the “Mehndi-ki-raat” ritual. It is not only a fun pre-wedding ritual but also has a deep-rooted meaning in Indian marriages. Traditional Ritual  Applying mehndi to brides before is among the earliest of traditions in marriages, with its origins in ancient India. In certain parts of India, as well as  [ Read More ]

Chura or the bangle ceremony is another important pre-wedding ritual. The occasion is organized at the bride’s home, wherein the maternal uncle and aunt of the bride adorn her wrist with white and red bangles. Ornaments made of silver and gold, known as kalira, are tied to the bangles.

India is an enigmatic land, with a rich cultural and historical heritage. Ruled over by innumerable dynasties, the country has experienced a wealth of royalty. The imperial legacy can be seen spread over different regions in the form of various forts, palaces and temples. So, if you want to have a taste of the ancient regality and relive the bygone era,  [ Read More ]

Wedding, be it in India, America or Brazil, marks the most important event in the life of a person, when he/she leaves behind his/her single life and gets ready to share his/her each and every thing with another person. However, the style in which it is conducted differs in each of these places. Talking about India, a wedding here is  [ Read More ]