Apart from their lavish décor and pomp celebrations, Indian weddings are known for their sumptuous food. Any wedding is considered incomplete without delicious food. In India, the arrangement of the wedding day food is done by the parents of the bride. Though the menu is decided according to their wish, at times the approval of the groom’s family is also taken. The groom’s family  [ Read More ]

For all the would-be brides and grooms nothing can seem more special than their wedding. It is an occasion, which every couple wants to make memorable, as it is a one time affair. Thus, in order to achieve that feeling, people opt for different ideas. One such way of making your wedding special is by arranging it on a beach. Exotic beach weddings have  [ Read More ]

Engagement is an important ceremony, as it marks the beginning of the relationship not only between two individuals, but also between also two families. Different kinds of decorations can be seen in different parties, depending on the budget and the chosen theme. However, flowers and artifacts find a special place among the decorations used for the engagement parties, irrespective of  [ Read More ]

It is said that daughters are more close to their father, while sons are always pampered by their dearest mother. When a girl gets married, it is the father only who misses her the most, in her parental home. The song ‘Babul Ki Duaayein Leti Ja’, from the movie ‘Neel Kamal’ and sung by Mohd. Rafi, expresses the feelings of  [ Read More ]

Indian marriages are known for their pomp and show. Guests are anyways treated as gods in India and Indian weddings demonstrate it with an added charm. In Hindu weddings, giving gifts forms an integral part of the ceremony. Both the guests and the hosts exchange gifts, in order to express their joy and gratitude. However, while choosing a gift for  [ Read More ]

Hiding the Shoes or the Jutti Chupai ritual is done when the couple reaches the mandap for the `pheras`, the groom removes his shoes and sits for the main wedding act. The bridesmaid hides his shoes. After the ceremony is complete, the groom gets up to leave the mandap and searches for his shoes. However the bridesmaids hide the shoes  [ Read More ]