When it comes to an Indian wedding, sherwanis counts amongst the most popular dressing options for the groom. A traditional attire of Indian men, it was initially worn only by the males in Uttar Pradesh, along with the city of Hyderabad. However, with the passing time, sherwani came to be the ultimate wedding attire, wooing grooms in almost all the  [ Read More ]

Talking about Indian bridal outfit, the names that crop up into your mind, at the very first instance, are lehenga-choli, sari and salwar-kameez. In the present times, most of the brides, especially in North India, prefer wearing a lehenga-choli for their wedding. The bridal lehenga is adorned with a lot of embellishments, to give it a very rich and luxurious  [ Read More ]

Jewelry forms a very important part of the overall attire of an Indian bride. In fact, the bridal look is believed to be incomplete unless the bride wears each and every piece of the jewelry meant for her. In majority of the Indian weddings, you will find the bride wearing yellow gold jewelry. However, depending on the budget, some people might opt  [ Read More ]

Wedding is an elaborate affair in India, comprising of a large number of rituals, customs and traditions. One of the important rituals, especially in context of the bride, comprises of ‘Mehndi’ (commonly known as henna). As a part of this ritual, the powder of henna leaves is mixed with water (and many-a-times, oil and lemon juice as well), to form  [ Read More ]

Wedding represents the most significant decision in the life of a person. He/she enters a new phase of life, which will comprise of much more love, companionship and even added responsibility. As the  wedding day comes closer, the bride as well as the groom gets involved in a lot of preparations, regarding their  wedding outfit, accessories, hairstyle, and so on. In case you are  [ Read More ]

In the days preceding the wedding, the bride does not even get the time to take an easy breath, forget about anything else. So many preparations have to be done, right from deciding the dress to taking the right bridal package. However, there are certain aspects that she simply cannot afford to forget and one of them comprises of hair  [ Read More ]